Outsource the entire audio pipeline of your game to our capable hands:
- from the drawing board all the way to a finished, polished product
- from design, composition and asset creation to implementation, in-game mixing and audio programming

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Our dynamic duo of Tommi Hartikainen and Ville Ojala have worked together on titles such as Alien: Blackout, Thief of Thieves - Season One and The Detail.

Selected works

From over 500 submitted games worldwide, we are proud to inform you that Alien: Blackout has won the "Excellence in Audio"- category in the International Mobile Game Awards! Here is the link to our acceptance speech from the event.


Audio design

High-level conceptualization, communication, documentation, recording, technical audio design for sound effects, foley or ambiences (etc.), audio editing, mixing.

Voice overs

Voice design, performance, recording, editing, mixing.

Composition and music production

Original compositions from a wide variety of genres, arrangement, conducting, instrumentation, recording, editing, mixing, mastering.

Implementation and audio programming

Technical documentation, Unity/C#, scripting, FMOD, Wwise, spatialisation, metering and analysis.

Our work

Skilfully crafted game audio can provide the same heightened emotional response, improved immersion and unique distinguishability found in your favourite movies - and go beyond that by introducing interactivity.

We combine real-time interaction between asset creation and implementation lasting throughout living and breathing projects with an organised and well-documented approach.

We are driven, extremely well-versed in working remotely and have an outstanding track record of delivering within tight and ever-changing timetables.

Tommi is responsible for the asset creation. He works as the lead audio designer, mixing engineer and composer. Ville takes care of implementation and concentrates on audio programming, audio design and field recording. Our roles are flexible to allow for functional interplay between different demands and improved efficiency.

Tommi Ville
Alien Blackout game logo

Alien: Blackout (Rival Games)

Gamespot: "It's the sound design where Blackout really excels."


  • "Excellence in Audio"-winner, International Mobile Game Awards 2020
  • Apple's Best of the Year, Blockbusters Reimagined, 2019
  • "Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment 2019" finalist, Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2020
Thief of Thieves game logo

Thief of Thieves - Season One (Rival Games)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "Stealth + XIII-style faux-comic panels captions + supercool music = HELLO."


  • "Best Creative Achievement of the Year 2018", the Finnish Game Awards 2019
  • "The Best Video Game Trailer" 2018, Game Industry Conference
  • ”Best Storytelling”, Game Connection Awards 2018

Making Of Thief Of Thieves - Season One, Art & Audio